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Flat-fee vs. Hourly

We know that most entrepreneurs, small businesses, and individuals prefer to know what a project will cost before they give the go ahead.   For this reason, most of our clients prefer to work with us on a flat-fee basis.  We know this, and are willing to work with clients on a flat-fee basis as long as we can clearly define the nature and scope of a project.  Because we have handled such a wide range of projects for other clients, we can use our experience with similar projects to quote you an exact fee for your project, once we have the right information in front of us.

Providing An Accurate Quote

If you are somewhat familiar with the patent process, you know that any project will provide numerous possibilities, strategies, approaches, and possible outcomes.  Each one of these will not only have a different level of appropriateness to your situation, goals, and plans, but also will require a different level of time and attention on our part. In order to provide an accurate quote for you, we would need to clearly define the nature and scope of your project.  Once we have a understanding of your project, what type of patent protection we are pursuing, and the nature of the prior inventions we would need to work around - we can then estimate the amount of our time and attention it will require, so that we can give you an exact quote. Our Patent Evaluation process will provide us with both the full understanding of your project necessary to give you an exact quote, and information about other prior inventions we would want to know about before starting the patent process.

Helpful Guidelines

  • The average cost to file a patent application is about $10,000.  Budgeting this amount will help ensure we can proceed with establishing protection after our patent evaluation.
  • At the conclusion of our patent evaluation, we will discuss your situation, goals, and plans with you, and provide you with flat-fee price quotes for pursuing any available options for protection.
  • The current fee for our standard patent evaluation is $2000.


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