How To Start Protecting Your Idea

The way we get started with every new client is by performing a paid patent evaluation.

Watch the three videos below, and read the accompanying text to explore and understand:

  1. How will a patent evaluation benefit you?
  2. Why we start every project with a patent evaluation?
  3. Is our patent evaluation process the right step for you?

How Will a Patent Evaluation
Benefit You?

If we do a Patent Evaluation for you, here are some of the benefits you'll receive.

You'll come away with:
  • A sense of direction—you'll know exactly what steps to take.
  • A full understanding of the risks and possibilities.
  • A real sense of how to create "valuable IP" that can increase your company's worth.
  • An expert opinion on the best strategies for monetizing your patent.
  • A thorough appraisal as to whether this is a realistic patent to obtain.
  • Valuable insight about where your idea stands among other patents in the field.
  • A real understanding of the odds, so you can proceed with accurate information, not guesses.

Why Do We Start with a Patent Evaluation?

Our Patent Evaluation process allows us to dedicate the right amount of time and attention to you, for a reasonable fee, so that we can:

  1. Get to know you, and what is important to you. There are many reasons people seek patents. Knowing your reasons helps us provide you with whatever assistance and guidance is most appropriate for your situation.
  2. Collect the right information from you about your idea/invention/project to get started. Having the right information at the start helps us focus our research and make sure you get the best patent protection possible.
  3. Perform in-depth research on your idea at the United States Patent Office. We will search for the best "prior art" by searching the Patent Office records for similar patents to your invention.
  4. Review the results of the research. We will thoroughly review the research and compare it to all aspects of your idea, to determine whether your idea is patentable, and formulate options and strategies for pursuing a patent.
  5. Discuss with you the possibilities for your idea. In a follow-up consultation, we will discuss with you the strategies that we can use to help you reach your goals, and what options are available for protecting you and your idea. If filing a patent application is appropriate for you, when we write your patent application we will use what we have learned during the evaluation to ensure that your patent application is written in a way that really protects the most important and valuable parts of your idea.

If you're still wondering whether a Patent Evaluation is right for you, READ ON.

Is Our Patent Evaluation Process The Right Step For You?

Our Patent Evaluation is probably for you if:

  • You have an idea/invention/product that you believe probably can be patented, and you want the right advice to get started.
  • You want to verify that you are "the first," or that your idea is different enough to get a patent.
  • You believe your idea probably is patentable, and you want to make sure you get the best patent possible. You understand that the key to a good patent is having the right information about the prior art before your patent application is written.
  • You know that applying for a patent will take a significant investment, and you want us to help you figure out if filing a patent application is worth that investment.
  • You already know that a patent for your idea would be valuable, and it's worth finding out if you can be the one that gets the patent.
  • You know that you are going to move forward with your idea or project "no matter what," and you want our advice to help you figure out the best way to move forward with your idea.
  • You are already spending a lot on development! You want to protect the money you are spending any way you can. You MIGHT even be skeptical about whether your idea is patentable. But in light of the investment you are already making, you are clear that you would like our advice about the best possible way to proceed, so that you can be confident that you are doing what you can—to protect as much as you can!

However — Our Patent Evaluation is probably NOT for you if:

  • You don't believe that a patent is important for you, or you don't think it is important to invest in a patent. We tend to work with people who already know that a patent would be extremely important for achieving their goals, and hope it is possible to get a patent. If you don't see the value in a patent, there is probably little benefit in us doing a Patent Evaluation for you.
  • You have done your own research, believe your own research is "good enough," and you just want to hire someone to file a patent application for you. Time and time again we have had clients who were sure their idea didn't exist, but trusted our advice and did the research anyway. They were shocked when our research showed that their idea already existed! The result was of course, that they saved thousands of dollars by following our advice. For this reason, a Patent Evaluation is a mandatory part of our process. Honestly, if a client can't trust us on this simple point, it would be a bad way for us to start out our working relationship. On the other hand, if time is your motivation for thinking you want to skip the research, keep in mind that we can expedite the research and evaluation if that is necessary for your situation.

If you still have questions, that's ok— See "Frequently Asked Questions" below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Could my idea even qualify for a patent? This video will help you understand the two main criteria for patentability for your idea. As you will see, if your idea has "patentable subject matter," the Patent Evaluation will be the best way to figure out if it is different enough from the prior art. Watch This Video. What if I need a trademark and not a patent? How do I get started? Good Point. For the sake of consistency, this entire page refers to our evaluation as a "Patent Evaluation," but this information applies equally to trademarks. If you have a name or logo that you want to protect, you would start working with us using the same evaluation process that we have been discussing. In your case, however, we would be focusing on your possibilities for trademark protection, and we would perform trademark research instead of patent research. Why are you the best firm to evaluate my idea? We do our best to give our clients what they need, including straight answers to help them make good decisions. To see the experience of some of our clients after working with us, take a look at "Success Stories." How is your Patent Evaluation different from a patent search? Watch this brief video. A patent search is simply a research project for similar prior art patents. When you order a patent search, you get back only a stack of patents to look at. There are some relatively inexpensive services that can provide you with a simple patent search—if that's what you want. But if you are not an expert in analyzing patents, consider this: simply having a patent search done is kind of like having an x-ray done, where they just hand you the x-ray image, but they don't review your x-ray, tell you what it means, or give you advice about what to do! Our Patent Evaluation includes a patent search, but provides you with results that are meaningful to you, your goals, and your business plans. We'll be there to help you make the right choices about patenting. Can I safely discuss my idea with you? This is a very common question! The answer is yes. Watch this brief video to understand why.

If you are not ready to get started, that is o.k. We can't work with everyone who visits our site, and a patent isn't for everyone. Please feel free to bookmark this site and enjoy all of the free information, videos, and resources we have to share!

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